Who Called Me?


Posted on: July 23, 2011

Welcome to https://whocalledmeapp.wordpress.com.

I’m going to introduce you a new Nokia mobile application “Who called me?”.

Probably you are receiving messages with missed call notification. In that message is written missed call number, but not the contact name. This application helps to want find out who called you and then as you wish  you can callback or answer with sms. Another concrete usage is when friend asks you “Do you know whose number is this? Do you have it in your address book? :)”

Example with pictures is coming soon.





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  • locomoi: It's working :) I'm too busy in last few months so i didn't update content. Well, there are really great applications for Android and i believe you
  • Who called me?: Is this blog working? I have tried several similar apps for Android. Some of them are really great.
  • locomoi: Hi Plej, thank you for contacting. I'll do my best to provide you this app for your device model. Please, could you just give me your exactly dev